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  • At you can purchase SHOE ROCK VISION(SRV) Stylish Running+Training+Gym+Sports Shoes For Boy's and Men's Training & Gym Shoes For Men(White) for only Rs. 369
  • The lowest price of ADIDAS DB1126 Training & Gym Shoes For Women(Grey) was obtained on May 30, 2020 7:31 am.


  1. A. L.

    This shoe is awesome! I was skeptical based on the price alone because normally you get what you pay for. But, in this case, my expectations were exceeded 10x. I use this shoe primarily indoors and at the gym. I rarely use it outside, except to and from the car to the gym and car to home. So, your mileage may vary. But, the shoe is extremely comfortable. I was worried about the durability, but working out at the gym has really pushed the shoes limits. It is pliable and not stiff. All in all, I want to buy another pair before my review spikes sales. LOL. I think I’ll get the other color (black) this time. Also, the shoe looks really cool, is comfortable, durable, and the price is unbelievable. Don’t even think about it, just buy this! Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Converse, New Balance, Sketchers, Saucony, etc. are making a killing!

  2. shubham

    This is value for money product. Shoes are lightweight, good looking and comfortable. Sole is also decent, not too hard or too soft.I will add further comments after using it for some days

  3. Karthik

    I just needed a quick slip on for daily use.. Didn’t want to spend a fortune on these daily stuff ..ordered this one and wow this is really very impressive! Just perfect size and feels very comfortable. Go for it without a second thought! Cheers!

  4. Ganesh Hegde

    Initial Review (after 8 months of use)This has been one of the best “Low Priced High Quality” products I’ve purchased.Pros:1. The styling is exceptional. It’s designed so aggressively, and the color combination is so appealing. The blue stripes add to the styling and give it a sporty character.2. The materials used are EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE! I wear this primarily for walking/jogging, which is what it’s meant for. It has sufficient amount of padding to keep your feet comfortable even for long walks & runs.3. The price is unbelievable. I got it for ₹650 and it’s honestly worth much more than that.4. The sole provides excellent amount of grip. They’re also made of good material, and even after 8 months of heavy usage, they haven’t faded or lost their grip.5. The shoes are EXTREMELY LIGHT WEIGHT! This is how shoes should be, when you use it for walking, jogging or similar purposes. They don’t weigh you down. My previous ‘walking shoe’ was quite heavy and it would cause my ankles to start hurting after 40 minutes of using. This one is light weight and hence provides ample amount of comfort.6. The length of shoe lace provided is sufficient. I have shoes, including premium shoes, which don’t have a proper length of lace and it’s very irritating. I’m happy that this has a proper length.7. The stitching used is excellent. They’re stitched in prime places where required. And even the stitching thread color is in contrast to the body color, which adds to the styling!8. One of the common places where shoes wear out after a while of usage is the part where the sole is glued towards the front-most part of the shoe. This is where most shoes ‘open up’ like its mouth is open, and you have to either get it stitched/glued back or throw it away. However, the glue used and the way it’s stuck in this shoe is unbelievable. It has not come apart even a bit. Though I wouldn’t advice it, I have played soccer and other games with this sometimes, and even then, this hasn’t taken any damage.9. Most shoes are prone to ‘stinking’ after using it for a long time. The sweat and stink from your socks get transferred and remain in the shoe. However, this one has good ventilation, and also the materials used don’t absorb the stink. Hence it remains stink-free most of the times! (It happens mainly because the shoe isn’t majorly made up of cotton or similar items. It’s mostly synthetic materials)10. The size mentioned is perfect. I wear size 11, I purchased the same and it fits perfectly. With most other shoes, you need to buy “Your Size + 1”, but that’s not necessary here.11. Though it’s not specified anywhere, and though I don’t think it’s waterproof, I have due to unavoidable circumstances, ended up wearing these in rainy and water-prone conditions. Even so, the shoes have not taken ANY damage. I wouldn’t recommend it to be used in water, but if you do end up using it, it won’t take any, or much damage.Cons: I honestly have NO complaints whatsoever, not even small discomforts. It’s surprising to me.Conclusion:I would DEFINITELY recommend this shoe to anyone looking to buy shoes for walking, running and casual purposes. Please don’t use this for sports and games, this is not meant for such usage. These are light weight shoes meant for regular usage of walking and similar activities. I have continuously used these shoes for 8 months for everyday walking, jogging and sometimes outdoor gaming. I have not faced ANY problems yet, and according to me, this has already lasted long enough for something that I paid ₹650. I am extremely happy with the product and would recommend you to get it.↗️Update after 1.5 years:Shoes are still the same and no damages yet. Have bought another pair for my Dad.

  5. Kirti

    Good Shoes fast deliver.. i orderd for my father in in law… He liked the shoe very much…..gave me lots of bless

  6. Arindam Banerjee

    Top value for money shoe. I use it in the gym for running and wear it while going outside. The shoe is pretty light and fits well. Also very comfortable. Durability wise is also good.

  7. Shubham

    This shoes is good comfortable but if you want 9 no. Order 10 No. Light weight Design is good cheers. Original Reebok

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