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  • At you can purchase (Renewed) Reach Quanto RCN-025A Laptop (5th Generation Broadwell Intel Core i5-5200u Processor/8GB DDR3L/SSD 240GB/13.3 inch/DOS) (Golden) for only Rs. 29,990
  • The lowest price of (Renewed) Reach Quanto RCN-025A Laptop (5th Generation Broadwell Intel Core i5-5200u Processor/8GB DDR3L/SSD 240GB/13.3 inch/DOS) (Golden) was obtained on June 12, 2020 2:21 pm.


  1. Sunanda B

    Received my HP laptop yesterday. Its intel i5 and cost me 46,990 rupees.Literally shocked to see the quality of the laptop and it looks like its a duplicate one.Immediately called Amazon customer and their response is pathetic and they said they are not responsible for the quality and cannot do anything.Learnt my lesson and will not be ordering any high value product from Amazon in future.They are only good enough for groceries and small items.I will stick to Flipkart for any high value items in future.Will update the photos of the product I received shortly. Mostly I am going to throw it away.

  2. Divyansh

    Honest review after 5 days of usage.If you have to write a lot but it doesn’t requires a numpad (if you’re not an accountant/involved with number) then, having a properly centered keyboard with a 14″ screen is ideal if you have to often carry your laptop around (maybe at school or college)I have bought the i5 + 8 GB RAM with Office 2019 versionPros:1. Crisp keys. Great typing experience.2. It came with pre-installed office 2019 and windows 10 home.3. Pretty good battery. The battery optimization scroll function which lets you balance battery life and performance is very helpful.4. Great touchpad with multiple gesture functions, some of which are like Macbook’s. You can switch between apps using 3 finger swipes. You can go back to desktop from anywhere with downwards 3 finger swipe. You can go to tabs view with upwards 3 finger swipe. You can open notification panel with 4 finger tap. You can even enable horizontal and vertical scroll for the touchpad. It will work on the touchpad borders once you turn it on. The touchpad settings software is a must to customize and makes working much faster.5. Dark mode is great and works universally.6. Light weight and can easily be carried around using a single hand.7. Additional slot for SSD expansion. You can make it hybrid storage.8. Great color and screen contrast.9. Almost every element of the system is highly customizable and that’s great.Cons :1. It is already thin, but with its weight and size, it could be thinner.2. You cannot change your username under C:/users if you while logging in for the first time logged in with Microsoft account. If you do that, Microsoft will take the first 5 letters of your email and make it your permanent username. You won’t be able to change that.I’d suggest initially logging in without logging into anything and just skip the option. That way you can change your own username. I had reset the whole computer because it was annoying. I don’t know why Microsoft can’t fix something so small.3. No anti-glare screen. If a light reflection is there you just gotta increase the brightness 🤷🏼‍♂️4. The bezels could’ve been thinner.5. Doesn’t comes with a bag.It’s not the laptop that sucks in any way. It’s Microsoft windows, the most mainstream OS of the world that sucks. Windows 10 certainly has a much larger scope of customization compared to previous windows.This laptop is built more for professional usage but you can easily run mid tier games. However if you’re looking more towards gaming and less towards MS office, you can get a laptop in SAME PRICE RANGE with nvidia graphics but then you probably won’t get office.Overall, the pros overweigh the cons. This is probably the best 14″ laptop between 40-50k. If your budget is near 50k, put 2 thousand more and buy that HP 14 with the same features + 256 GB SSD and silver colour. BUT if your budget is less than that, You probably won’t find a better option with office 2019 lifetime validity.Must buy if you’re involved in typing a lot of professional stuff since it has pretty well laid out keyboard with preloaded office.Do like if you found this useful.Feel free to ask any questions!!

  3. Vish

    Re reviewing : after 2 months usageThe screen has a horizontal line now. Was told that it needs replacement . Service guy came after almost a week and replaced it since it was just two months .Seriously ? Just two months and the screeners spoilt. Big mistake . Should have opted for dell .To begin with , POWER switch is a joke. Needs to be upgraded. Not sure How many months it will lastSpeed is slow. .Keypad and mouse pad are GoodBattery is decentScreen is ok. Not bad .Weight wise it 8s superb . Compact and apperars solid.

  4. Ankit

    Usually i dont give stars below than 4 …but this time its really forced me to give it ine star……. The performance of system is too bad … Even after 8 gb ram and 7 gen …its tooo slow ….. Takes forever to load os …take years to open refresh … Just stum on screens …Will not suggest to buy this laptop .

  5. Shima Raha

    1.From the beginning, the computer kept rebooting and the cursor got stuck,first every 5mins and then every one minute, so frequently that after seeing the logo HP the screen would flicker and computer start rebooting immediately.The cycle would go on for couple of times, then the window says Windows Not Properly Installed. Options given below: Advanced troubleshooting and Shut Down The computer came with windows installed,but from day1, it’s been saying Windows not properly installed and rebooting and the screen flickering.2. The specifications before buying said With MS Office installed, and when you open and check you find subscription is for only 30days.3. Graphics are poor when it’s supposed to be a full HD computer.4. I have lost all trust on electronic products bought from Amazon. You should have an option for Return not just Exchange or give a free troubleshooting service.Even though I have bought an extended warranty, I don’t have the time to wait and call for service every few days.

  6. Abhishek Rsv

    The HP 15q 0026tu is an excellent budget laptop with Good quality of Performance and Battery life.Battery avg – 5 to 6hourSound quality- Good quality ( at 70 below)Performance- GoodBoot time -1 minutes and lessBuild quality- BetterCons:No Ms office original version only trail version for 30 days.

  7. Kishore Kumar k

    The battery life was very very bad. In specification details, it is mentioned that the battery backup given upto 7 hours but it is coming only 3 hours. Very worst and very poor battery backup. So, I want to return the product.

  8. Karan

    Very disappointed with the product. It’s been two days buying this product and on the very first day it’s running too slow and even getting hanged when opening multiple tabs.Total waste of money. Don’t buy this product.

  9. Govind Khandare

    Woth Purchase and its design is amazing i loved it. Everything is going well. Price is little bit high as compared with other manufacturers. But if you want good Design, better display,slim then go for it,. But if you sre Gamer then this laptop is not for you because this laptop don’t have dedicated graphics card .

  10. Shakti

    This is a new model launched during Amazon Prime day sale. Bought at 30.5k minus 1.5k credit card discount which is good price to pay for a 8th gen i3 with Lenovo brand. HP will be much higher. Asus and Acer do offer cheaper but I assume Lenovo has better service which will be handy later. So the pros and cons :Pros:1. Fabulous display with narrow bezels and FHD Anti glare IPS display is all you ll need.HD video is a treat to watch. 5/5 from me.2. Processing – i3 8 th gen is better than i5 7th gen plus you can upgrade ur laptop to i5 8th gen later but you can’t upgrade ur 7th gen i3 to i5 8th gen.Edit- (after 1 month)added 4gb extra Ram performance enhanced greatly, otherwise used to hang. Battery also lasts longer with 8gb ram. Now I really love this laptop.3. Light weight for a 15.6 inch at 1.85kg4. Sleek design is just really good to look at. You will want to feel it always with ur hands. It’s that good for this price.5. Potential – you can take this laptop to next level just by adding a Ssd and 4gb extra ram (8gb total ) at may be 3-4K extra but if u buy a laptop with this config it will cost u >35k6. Good charger – light one and charges fast.Cons: there’s not much here actually if you see what u pay for it1. Sound- could have been bit louder although absolutely fine as I use my speakers / headphone. Quite ok for single user in room.2. Battery- you can expect it to drain in 4-5 hrs of normal usage and 3/4 hrs playing HD videos. I don’t know why Lenovo doesn’t look into the battery issue. HP beats Lenovo in budget laptops there. But with fast charging this is quite taken care.Edit – (3weeks ) battery hardly lasts 3 hrs of normal usage. Big disappointment. Have to rely on charger most times. Prefer HP if you want for business / work purpose.3. Keypad feels just ordinary, not at all premium. When you type you can hear the noise.

  11. Abraham JOSEPH

    JFYI: If you have like 3K extra then definitely buy this laptop here Its SSD so yeah BETTER. currently the other model I mentioned is selling on the lightning deal at 32k. So don’t hesitate to grab one. Also, they are selling an SSD version at the same price point but with no office 2019.UPDATE: 26-01-2020 : Currently this model is selling for 38K and I won’t recommend it at this price. The acer aspire 5 with 10th gen CPU seems like a better offer. And you can find this same Lenovo laptop here on amazon at 33k Seems like amazon ishaving multiple product pages for the same product.Hey everyone! Lenovo s145 is one the latest budget-oriented laptop released by Lenovo, which introduces flagship grade design at this cheap price point. Considering this specific model, No other brand or model, offers i3 8th gen, lightweight design, windows 10 and a full HD antiglare display at this price point. How cool is that!!Pros:1)The design of laptop is excellent with premium built quality. It feels very slim and lightweight for daily usage.2) Booting speed is great (8-9 second) and the HDD is fast enough for daily productivity.3) The keyboard is a decent one for a laptop with a textured coating. Feels real premium.4) The touchpad is awsome and responsive with windows 10 gestures.5) Display quality is very good at this price range. Even at bright sunlight, you can view the display effectively. Also its a Full HD display with anti-glare coating.6) It’s a 2-cell li-polymer battery. The battery backup is rated at 6 hours but you can expect something close to 4-5 hours on a daily basis.7) Speaker are awesome and webcam is average but its better than expected.Cons:1) Sound is okay but the bass is not upto the point. Anyway, you can always kick in a Bluetooth speaker.2) The display lacks colour accuracy when compared with the premium ones.3) Battery backup is average.=============Now some FAQs=============1- M2 slot ?—>> It features m.2 slot on the motherboard which will allow you to use an NVMe based SSD (max 256GB) to speed up the system.- 2- Can I use it for gaming?–>> Surely not made for gaming, but you can play old games like COD MW, vice city, pubg mobile on emulator etc on mid graphics settings. Also the new 620 UHD gpu is far better the 7th gen 620 HD., making 4k video playback smoother.3- What about Microsoft office?—>>No, not with this version. Checkout the link I mentioned above for 2019 Microsoft office preloaded version.4- Can you run photoshop?—–>> Well you can. Even though it doesn’t feature dedicated graphics memory, photoshop and video editing software will run just fine. The inbuilt 620 UHD graphics is quite capable.5- Is RAM expandable?—->> Yes you can upgrade the RAM up to 12GB. So yes, if in future you require more memory, go ahead an stick in another RAM module.6- Does it support fast charging?——>> Yes, it does.Overall a really good deal and I would highly recommend it for students, business people and programmers.I hope I was able to help.-Abraham

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