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  • This product is available at Flipkart, Amazon, Croma.
  • At you can purchase Moto E6s (Polished Graphite, 64 GB) for only Rs. 7,499, which is 95% less than the cost in Croma (Rs. 149,999).
  • The lowest price of Motorola Razr (Noir Black, 128 GB, 6 GB RAM) was obtained on May 13, 2020 7:39 am.



    Gud phone under the 15k below price…All are saying about camera issues but in my point of view it’s gud…gud picture quality…. worth of money..And battery backup is extremely superb….and one more thing is that phone have more weight…bcz of this 5000mah may b..and overall it’s cool…and nice

  2. Kr Shanu

    Although u can get this product cheaper on Flipkart but if u are buying in exchange, Amazon will be cheaper.Camera is osm… I have seen reviews about average camera, trust me all those test were worng, since camera is default setuped at low camera resolution, change settings to high and thn judge ur self.

  3. Maalgoodies3-SLP



    I liked this Mobile with 4G connection for both Sims, better camera quality, Good sound, more internal and external memory space provided, but poor battery capacity and no earphone

  5. Samragya Gaur

    I find a fully used phone in the box with repaired box seal phone there is lots of scratches in phone protecting screen

  6. lester

    Excellent product. battery life is good if ur moderate user lasts more than a day.the plus point is Android one so u don’t have any bloated apps.display is fine .camera is good in day light.fingerprint is responsive. And the phone is Handy and can used by single hand. Notification led is missing. Charger is good couz of turbo charging

  7. Sujay

    I’m fooled, I thought this mobile will be good. Only out look is good, camera is worst. It’s like vga camera. And phone hangs. This mobile is not hd clarity. Processor is slow. Etc I’m very dissatisfiedI want refund.

  8. TheUnknown.

    Motorola One is one of the best handsets manufactured by Motorola. The device is sleek and beautiful looking and feels comfortable in the hand. The display is very vibrant and the blacks are really quiet black inspite of not being an AMOLED display. And the best part is the stock android experience which allows it to run smoothly. The cameras are decent for everyday use and the speaker is very loud. I am satisfied with what I paid for it. The phone looks beautiful from every angle. I bought it for its impeccable design.


     Hi Everyone, it’s my sincere suggestion NOT to buy this phone. I purchased this less than a month ago. Haven’t installed any major 3rd party apps and still this phone is troubling me. It shuts down automatically and then it becomes a huge problem to restart this phone because everytime you restart it, it switches off again that very moment. At this very time when I am writing the review, the phone is not even restarting now. My money is wasted. This phone is not worth buying. Don’t waste your hard earned money on this phone.

  10. Prashant Aggarwal

    I am a fan of Moto G series mainly due to its durability and have been using it since its introduction. But Moto E5 Plus disappointed me badly. A minor drop on the floor resulted in a damaged screen within one month of purchase. The 5000mAh battery also started draining very quickly within the same period even with normal usage. There are a no of other brands available for the same price, so choose wisely.

  11. Pramod Shukla

    Mobile has hang issue and front camera quality is bad and it hang during the phase change.i.e. from back to front camera. phone heats during the call and charging . I requested to amazon for return but they are denying for return.Only one option I have to go to consumer court.

  12. Nishant

    Very disappointed by Moto G6 play. I am using moto from early ages Moto g first gen but this phone is below average in Thia price range with zero innovation. Don’t fall in trap either go for xiaomi of onplus they are offering latest technology in same price.

  13. Nandini Bose

    Its giving my fingers a burning sensation though i m nt using fingerprint sensor. Shortly after starting to use it i found my index finger lost a layer of skin. During using samsung i never faced such problem. Whichever finger i use it gets burning feeling. Seroously thinking about returning it. Otherwise the phone is okay.

  14. Tushar Das

    Every thing is ok with this phone battery life camera quality and all but the only problem is i am getting that it restarts when its cache memory is approx 500MB. And not so user friendly like redmi means to clear cache i have to open every app and clear its cache and one thing more it gets restart when u play 2-3 matches of PUBG back to back

  15. Nik

    fell from very short height but completely damaged both front and back glass of phone. DO NOT Recommend this phone at all !! I have been using MOTo phones since 2013 now and this is my 3rd Moto phone but highly disappointed. Service Centre is charging me repair cost at more than the actual cost of this phone!! Pathetic.

  16. D✓€

    Writing dis review after 2 months of usage…works fine😍…No lagging… Quite a good camera..Sound quality is amazing due to Dolby… Gives battery of almost 1 day…I think it is a perfect smart device.. Like it…😍😍

  17. Bharathkumar G

    Mobile is working fine. But after one week I noticed mobile is not charging and went to mobile shop and got cheked the Moto turbo charger and they said cable is not working, it’s gone. I didn’t expect this bad charger from Moto company. I have raised complaint to Amazon customer service to replace mobile charger they responded intially and they told they will call me back. But none of them called. I didn’t expect bad service from Amazon.

  18. Himanshu

    I bought this phone 10 days back, this phone has big heating and battery problem. It gets heated very frequently and almost full battery gets drained in 2 hours of normal usage. Very disappointed !

  19. Avantika

    Very good quality earphones for the price. Crisp, clear and sharp audio ; in-ear buds that fit in perfectly and don’t keep falling off (also comes with extra buds). Button to receive calls and inbuilt mic for hands free calling experience. Only thing lacking according to me is volume control. Otherwise a very good product by Motorola.

  20. Monty

    Totally worth every penny.I honestly didn’t even needed an earphone at all but reading some reviews did made me go for this one.Given the price I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I do have Cx180, Cx275s, XB154AP, Smokin Buds 2, Ink’d and couple of others, but this being at such a cheap price that too with a mic it sure didn’t disappointed me. Mids and lows are nice, bass is at least better than my CX180, nicely built, call button works great, wires are not as thin as cx180 which is a bonus cos my cx180 tangles a lot.If anyone is looking for something good without spending much then this one is sure is the one to look and go for.

  21. Siddhesh

    Happy place requires great place great food and great headphones as well…😉😉 Moto Pace 100 In-ear sits closer to ear drums, so delivers excellent sound quality and effectively seal out external noise. It has a microphone and a button which controls multiple functions on number of clicks. It also controls Google assistance. They are extremely portable, so are most convenient for use on the go it at the gym.

  22. Neha

    I loved these, I wanted something with better noise cancelling feature, they don’t totally cut down the noise but it’s better than the rest. I tried jbl headphones it promised a noise cancelling feature but thumbs down on jbl. These are better with the price range and wireless too.Only thing that could be improved is the buttons, soft buttons would be nicer, since I don’t wanna hear tik-tik noise while pressing them.

  23. Siddhant Rasaily

    The headphones are good….but you have to handle it with care…if u are sort of a rough user…you might end up breaking them

  24. dev

    This is Hong Kong made product so fit finish is up to the mark. Bluetooth connectivity is smooth, call quality is superb, music quality is on high end ( realistic sound n details, not bass boost or extra fuss) can compare to BOSS. only one issue is there the cushion on earcups are not so comfy , pinch a bit after a while… Rest it’s the best in this price band.

  25. Sarath Vipin

    Bought this product for my grandmother who found it hard to use a handheld mobile phone. The phone is excellent and has a good built quality. It does everything perfectly and even the signal reception is a bit better than mobile handset. It would have be more awesome if it could connect to jio 4g and share internet. But thats asking too much and beyond the scope of the product. Would highly recommend to anyone who prefers a corded phone over a mobile handset and elderly people.

  26. Vivekanand M.

    excellent fixed line type phone. extra ordinary network catching capacity. i used this phone at home where there is poor network but when i use this phone i got nice network . do not buy otther brands motorolla is world famous brand with great product quality. only lcd displays colour should be change with oter colour. its irritating to eyes.

  27. COSMOS

    Lasted only 20 days. Have problem in battery charging and backup. On day one lasted two hours. After full charging on day 2 lasted 5 hours. Day 20 lasted 3 hours and after complete drain it is not getting charged. Mic is also poor. Bass was good but 2k for 20 day is expensive as Motorola service centres are fake and they don’t consider warranty of products brought from Amazon.

  28. drstringz

    These headphones sound really good- bang for your buck.But…Cons: -These are not overear as mentioned-they r actually ‘on the ear’ headphones. Escape 200 is an ‘over the ear’ model. -The ear cup material isn’t good..can be easily damaged. -Ears ache after using it for me than 40 min. -It Feels fragile.Choose it if the above cons don’t seem much of a concern to u.

  29. Deepali dhabu

    I have been using these headphones since the day they are delivered on daily basis . Easily connected to iPhone and mac too . The sound quality is good , the battery back up also lasted for 10 hours . They are made of good material as well , overall a good choice at the given price . The only thing I felt is they should have been a little light weight other than that good choice for given price .

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