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  • At flipkart.com you can purchase IFB 6.5 kg Water softener Aqua Energie Fully Automatic Top Load White for only Rs. 14,999
  • The lowest price of IFB 8.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Load with In-built Heater White was obtained on June 27, 2020 12:15 pm.


  1. denure

    Machine is in a state where water is filling from one side and due to overflow draining from other side. I wish product can contact me to tell what is the issue.The person who came to fix this was more bothered about selling the softener than fixing it properly . Immediately after he left the water inlet is all coming out from the back as it was not fixed properly.I still have trust in iFB brand hope it’s just a setup issue in the first 2 days.

  2. Rohit

    I had very bad experience of buying top load IFB wasing machine. On the same day of delivery I found the product is defective. It was stopping in between again and again. I booked complaint to service center. The technician was kept arguing with me saying it’s not possible. Then I make a video and show him, then they had nothing no hide. I wait for couple of more days, but technician didn;t visit for the fix. So, now I don’t have trust on their SERVICE also. At last, I returned the item back to Amazon within 10 days. Thank to Amazon for resolving the issue.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I really like this brand.. But this time all I received was this damage piece.i am waiting for a replacement… What a waste of time

  4. Dio

    After doing a long research and after using two IFB washing machine I was convinced to go with this product.The product was promptly delivered by Amazon, but nightmare starts after this, I had to keep calling the local IFB Manager to getting the technician to install the machine. Technician said he will come on 1st Sep morning but after repeated calls he came at 5 30 pm and installed the machine. Machine did not turn on and we found the machine was faulty, technician simply left the house saying his shift was over and asked me speak to the manger. Manger never picked the call and I have to call IFB helpline and registrar complain . Waited till 3rd evening for someone to show up no but no one came or no one called. Again called IFB helpline and got Senior managers number, he too did not pickup . After sending multiple messages and calls he finally called back and said he will resolve it on same day. Again nothing happened. Finally waited till 4th Sep and called Amazon and asked for return.IFB makes great products but their service and installation are completely screwed up. After this incident I have completely lost hope with IFB and planning to sell my washing machine as well. I will not recommend IFB even to anyone.

  5. Amazon Customer

    We installed it “wall mounted”..Which means it is installed inverted. It is very very good. A full load of mixed clothes come out completely dry in 70 to 80 minutes. Many do not even need ironing. The lint removed is awesome. Clothes come out smelling and looking brand new!

  6. Ranjita

    There is rusting I’m the drum, new machine, disappointing.The installation was not done in 48 hrs regardless of the body and repeated advertisments by Amazon, technician went to the wind address the first time and then the process of trying to get the machine installed was at least 10 days after delivery, very tedious and irritating.Then, the installation technician tried to make is but a stand for the machine, actually came back with it, when though we did not want it.All in a, unprofessional behaviour by the company, again and the installation technician.

  7. To all

    Demonstration by IFB team is very very bad. They people coming for selling purpose only as washing machine stand, cover etc. And if u use IFB stand then only warranty is consider other wise no warranty. So don’t buy.

  8. B.E. Chandrashekhar

    Bought this product in Oct 2017 and being only two in the family was sparingly used. Now just after one and half month of expiry date the board has gone bad. The replacement cost of the same is Rs. 6,500/-. Utterly nonsense if IFB is manufacturing such low quality board looting money from the customers. Previously I used whirlpool washing machine which lasted for 10 years without any problem. THANK YOU IFB. Do not buy this product. Not reliable at all.

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