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  • At amazon.in you can purchase iBall Marvel2 Laptop 3gb 1tb Free Dos (Windows 10 Compatible) for only Rs. 13,884, which is 1% less than the cost in Flipkart (Rs. 13,990).
  • The lowest price of iBall CompBook Pentium Quad Core - (4 GB/32 GB EMMC Storage/Windows 10 Home) Premio v3.0 Laptop was obtained on July 2, 2020 10:24 pm.


  1. Menon

    Bought this after reading up on the specs. 4 GB ram, 32 GB emmc expandable to 128 GB, SSD slot and mount for up to 1 TB, blah blah blahArrived within 24 hours of buying. Great. Unpacked and put it on charge. Came back after about 7 hours and fired it up. Surprised to find just 50% charge! Fine. Configured it and went to work, keeping it on charge. After maybe a couple of hours, found it at 100 charge. Removed the charger. Configured the power settings for 4 hours sleep for plugged in and one hour on battery and went out. Came back to the computer after about 20 minutes. Found the laptop dead! Switched it on again, found I had lost all the work I was doing.Called iBall. They told me, balls! Dont call us. Call your seller or who you bought it from and bang! Down went their phone. Okie, I called Amazon and they were all professional courtesy. Said they are arranging a visit by a techician / engineer in a couple of days.Now comes the fun. The engineer stomped into my house, took one look at the computer, declared it unusable and said he will inform Amazon. All this in about 180 seconds! He zoomed out, never to be seen or heard again.Called Amazon again. They said 24 hours for the information to come to them from the tech.Called Amazon next day. No development. They finally said they will replace the laptop. I was dubious about it as the laptop appeared to have a birth defect (that is the best i could coin here). But agreed.Laptop was picked up. Two days later, got a fresh one. Opened the pack, took it out and placed on charge. 5 hours later, still 50%!!! Called Amazon. The whole rigmarole started again. Engineer visit……24 hours later, called Amazon again. This time they said they are aranging one more visit by another engineer. Right! Waited for one more day. Even with the a periscope, could not see the engineer. Called Amazon again (will soon need to find a short cut to print Called Amazon again 🙂 ). A nice lady there gave me a number to call. I dialled the number and conferenced madam. That is when it dawned on them the trouble I had gone through – the voice on the engineer end said- will send you a number, call him! Amazon got angry then and told me to hang on, they will set things right!Next day, an engineer sails in, spends time crooning to the laptop and finally pronouncing it DOO – Dying On Operation!Amazon realized the laptop has the birth defects ( I had surmised the same long back) and offered to take it back. Had it picked up and sent back.Exactly after 31 days from the date of buying it the first time, I am promised the the amount I paid will be reimbursed. Still to get it back. Trust Amazon will pay.

  2. Shubham

    To be honest, I was a little skeptical before ordering this product as I had never used any iball product.Got courage to experiment by amazon’s incredible return and replacement policy.Display: -First think which awestruck me was the crispy display. Guys, trust me, this is the best display I have ever seen under 30000. -being a 14 inch display, its small enough to carry and large enough to do any business.Processor: -Although it has decent N4200 quad core, you will be surprised to know what it is capable of. – It plays butterly smooth 4K videos – I tried COD modern warfare 2(12 gb game), it played similar to my HP’s i3 processor(weird but true) – Well, I havent tried, but I think this baby can handle GTA V as well.Battery: – Being a 10,000 mAH battery, it would last 6-8 hours if online video playback. – If you plan to indulge in gaming or similar, expect 3-4 hrs of battery or keep the charger in. – With basic stuff , battery might last throught the day.Lightweight: – Best part, it is really light, like 1.3 kgs seems like one hand portable device. – I added an extra ssd for storage(kingston A 400 240gb) which is again 38 gms being an ssd.Build quality is ok seeing the price, you wont be disappointed for sure.Trackpad works amazingly smooth.Moreover, its made by Indian company.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I was not able to charge the laptop when it is switched off. I had to switch on the laptop every time when i needed to charge its battery. If i plug it in when it is off the charging indicator glows but even after 4 hours there is not even single percent increase in charge.So i ordered replacement, the replacement laptop I received had same problem. Then I returned laptop and asked for refund. Then I ordered the same laptop from flipkart, the one I received this time also have the same problem. Contacted i ball customer care and they said there is no easy fix for this and I need to take it to service centre for repair.But the Display,audio,and performance of the laptop are excellent. Camera is useless. If you are ready to turn on the laptop everytime inorder to charge it or ready to take it to service centre to fix this issue, then this laptop is an excellant product for the price.. Edit–charging issue solved by installing software patch provided by iball service centre.

  4. Rahul k s

    Never ever buy any iball products they don’t have any service at all. If your product is defective or got any fault in warranty period still they won’t give you any service. The worst is they don’t pickup any calls at all.

  5. JKS

    My personally suggestion to every Indian that never buy any IBall laptops, because there is a bad service from I Ball company and I have proof .

  6. J.S. Kodiyil

    Though it is advertised as a touch screen, it is not. Plus, I had to sent it to the authorised dealer within two weeks to replace the screen because it would not turn on.I’m rewriting this review on May 9, 2019. The authorised workshop has not only fixed the issue, but have offered a complete replacement because iBall had advertised wrongly. I forsook the replacement because my machine was doing well what I bought it for. I was pleasantly surprised by the company’s response.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Built in 4G LTE Simcard is very useful.64 GB inbuilt storage and SD, SSD(SATA III) expansion makes the laptop best among similar kinds.

  8. Shivam Saxena

    A nice product at this price but you can’t make multitasking in it, even if you open multiple tabs in browser it becomes stuck. So if you need a laptop for light uses this is good for you.One suggestion, this laptop comes with #64 windows you just boot it and install #86 it will little bit increase your system speed.

  9. Kajal khatri

    Worst product please don’t waste money it started hanging the minute I opened YouTube doesn’t load videos very slow its been 1 year I haven’t used it more than once it’s so slow and keeps hanging you wont be able to use it at all spent13k total waste

  10. Amazon Customer

    Worst product.Stopped working within a fortnightWithin 2 months got it repaired 4 times. Service centre takes 15 days to repair.Had to buy a new laptop. Wasted my money

  11. Sid wangdu

    Absolutely beautiful and very handy.It has 2 GB DDR3 RAM. Supports most of the application.Wonderful product it is better than buying a second hand laptop or a tablet.The display and viewing angle are also nice.Volume quite low.Got in just Rs.14000 (After 10% CB). Value for moneyAlso, Order this Laptop from wplov .in/257. and Get 10% Cashback + 6 Month Extended WarrantyIf you like my Review don’t forget to hit HELPFUL, if not please comment for my best update.

  12. Puneet

    Pros:-Very good display.Touchscreen, Keyboard is Fine.Build is good considering price.Comes with Office pre-installed.Trackpad is small and has some issues with two fingers.Cons:-SPEAKERS ARE AWFUL, INAUDIBLE & INSUFFICIENT even to watch YouTube inside quite room.VERY LONG TIME TO FULL CHARGE (8+ Hours)14GB available storage after all updates.Suggestions:-Buy something with more RAM2GB becomes insufficient even to surf on Chrome or watch Netflix with anything else going on.

  13. nitin mishra

    It is a laptop if you are looking for kids.If you do lot of internet related work it is good for you. Not good for programming languages which consume lot of processing like Python and r.But they can be installed and basic learner can do to that.If you rely on presentation only it is a good one for you.

  14. Yash Shukla

    Let’s jump directly to the denials your mind must be encountering with right now…Should I trust IBall..? – Yes, you can. There are certain features which you must test and learn and then decide what suits you best. For example, when you use it in the tablet mode, there is a slight glitch you might face and the screen feels like hanging in the air without much support from the linkage, which is infact true. A remedy for this that I’ve been using is with the help of a foam or sponge or a bubble wrap(like the one you get when you order specific products from Amazon itself). That works for me perfectly fine.Next thing which might concern you is will Pentium N4200 works fine enough or not..? – The Processor has a clock speed of 1.1 GHz, which one might think is quite less to put your trust on, but if you know what will you do on your laptop exactly and it’s purpose is limited to a certain extent only, you won’t face any problems and it works very smoothly.So, do go for it if you want a portable device good enough for fast and comfortable browsing, media usage and professional stuffs. I guess it’s one the best in this price range.

  15. Prasun Pandey

    Updates 17 april 19,1. In win10, we can change the behaviour of power button. I disabled it to do nothing, if pressed while windows is running2. Thin plastic film over screen is definitely coming off, i hope this is just a protective lamination and has no impact on functionality.3. Still maintaining the rating given earlier – laptop working smoothly with excellent battery backup. Tip – use microsoft edge instead of Chrome for super battery life.Review after one month of use (PS – my other laptop is ThinkPad – i7, 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD):1. The body just looks stunning, the hinges are strong. I did not like the champagne color.2. The screen is excellent, however, there is glare issue when using in sunlight or light sources facing the screen. Touch screen works fine.3. Processor, RAM, and Integrated graphics are more than enough for handling day to day tasks. Once you tweak your win10 to maximum performance, the whole laptop is blazing fast (tweaking BIOS settings, visual effects, virtual memory etc, startup programmes etc). Given that it has SSD instead of HDD, the bootup time is very fast.4. The touchpad is basic, not the best. However, it works just fine. People will get used to it5. Storage space is less after all the windows updates and basic software installation (office, pdf, VLC and all). Theoretically there is provision to expand storage through M2 2242 SSD, however, I don’t see M2 2242 SSD options available in the market. Guess, people will have to rely on SD cards (which is slower) to expand storage6. The biggest benefit is in terms of a licensed copy of windows10, saves a lot of effort to get an OS on the machine7. Battery life is good (at least as of now), charging takes more time than usual laptops.Issues that I faced:1. The power button is awkwardly paced – gets pressed randomly and the laptop goes to sleep2. Sometimes speakers start making a strange weird noise when it hangs or becomes unresponsive (happened twice)3. To me, it feels like the screen of the laptop is heavier than the base,4. There is a plastic film coated over the screen, which I think will come off very soon

  16. Parveen kumar

    After using 5 days myLikes : full metal body slim formfactor loaded with all the features ports eg c type port touch screen full hd 1080p bright screen etc. Laptop screen and back panel already installed with protector from company. Great machine for normal useDislike: In my case dont like the power button placement, bluetooth connection issue with my speakers keyboard font/ prints is not visible. Sound quality is not as expected.

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