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  • At you can purchase Huawei GT2 Sport 4.6 cm (46 mm) Smartwatch (Latona-B19S, Latona Black) for only Rs. 20,990, which is 91% less than the cost in Amazon (Rs. 224,062).
  • The lowest price of Huawei MateBook X Pro i5 SSD 13.9" 3K(3000x2000) Touchscreen Laptop Computer 2018 Newest, Intel Core i5 8th Gen up to 3.4 Ghz(Beat i7-7500U), 8 GB DDR4, 256 GB SSD, WiFi, Bluetooth, Windows 10 was obtained on May 15, 2020 9:27 am.


  1. MarkeyR

    Stylish, elegant, light. Super fast, reliable. touch screen great, keyboard, nice travel on keys. Love the finger print password. one push to boot up and access account. Display is great. One usbc port plus power port that you can use is enough for me. I have read some reviews that say that battery isn’t great. I can use the computer for a whole day and then have to charge. So it might not be as good as others, but the computer fast charges so it isn’t an issue for me.Genuinely I have no complaints. I highly recommend this computer if you are looking for a 13,” stylish, light, portable, functional unit.It was all good until it wasn’t. After having it for 2 weeks, it would not boot up. Had to return it. Have decided to try another brand. Maybe I just got unlucky. Disappointing because it was great. When it’s working its five stars when it’s not………

  2. Kameshwara

    The i5 model is a great laptop which is as fast as an i7 of other brands. Huawei has added many features and have produced a great laptop which has a great display and touch. A great laptop satisfying my expectations

  3. TG

    Loved this laptop until the screen started peeling away at the base and the wifi driver continually malfunctioned. Huawei only provide warranty in the USA as well, so are completely unwilling to help me in another country. I would give anything not to have purchased this computer. I have learned the wifi issues is common on this device, so please save yourself the hassle and avoid Huawei!

  4. Ashish Gangwar

    I purchased this from US in June . Best laptop 5/5 . Looks like MacBook . Best competition with MacBook

  5. Amazon Customer

    pros: Price for spec and design.cons: cheap components and noise. Minor stuff like keyboard lighting turning off after a bit, fn button lightingWhat is mean by components is that this laptop makes static noise from left side, I think mobo or battery side. Static noise which is only audible if your ear is like 20 cm away from the left side of keyboard.Compared to to my old mac book air 2013, I can feel the quality is not quite there in other aspects as well. But other than the fine tuning. This is a really good laptop. take away the very minor noise and some user friendly problems, very good laptop.

  6. Ioana Voicu

    I absolutely love it. The keyboard is very smooth. The speed is amazing. The battery lasts for about 7 hours when unplugged. I really love everything. I based my purchase on the previous reviews and everything that has been said is true. The touch screen is an added bonus.Just buy it!

  7. Michael

    Ich war hin und hergerissen zwischen diesem Gerät und einem Acer Aspire 5. Letzten Endes habe ich mich aufgrund des Gesamteindrucks für das Huawei entschieden.Sehr ansprechendes, flaches Design, das recht nah an die Optik meines MacBooks herankommt. Der Bildschirm ist angenehm hell und hat nur einen sehr schmalen Rand, was wirklich gut aussieht. Dadurch ist die Webcam in der Tastatur versenkbar untergebracht, was ich persönlich eine tolle Lösung finde, jedoch wird die Webcam hier auch kaum genutzt. Wer sie oft benötigt, wird vielleicht die tief liegende Perspektive merkwürdig finden.Insgesamt macht das Gerät einen für die Preisklasse wirklich hochwertigen Eindruck. Lediglich die SSD ist mit 256GB nicht gerade besonders üppig (aber ob einem die Größe reicht, weiß man ja bereits beim Kauf).

  8. HessensMitte

    Ich habe das Gerät pünktlich erhalten und bin ziemlich begeistert davon. Der Bildschirm ist klasse und vor allem recht groß für ein Laptop. Dennoch ist das MateBook D 15 ziemlich leicht und portabel. Früher mußte man ja immer einen Kompromiss eingehen: leichtes Laptop mit kleinem Bildschirm oder schweres Laptop mit großem Bildschirm. Endlich angenehmes Arbeiten auch außerhalb vom Büro oder HomeOffice. Ich konnte bislang keine Fehler an dem Gerät entdecken. Es hat sich nahtlos in mein Netzwerk daheim eingefügt. Keine Schwächen beim WLAN.

  9. Steven

    The laptop cashew with scratches and nicks all across the laptop, but especially in the back and top right corner where the USB-A connector is

  10. Rafael Tafuro

    I needed a laptop a while ago, and I didn’t have enough money to spend it in an expense device. Here you have almost everything of a $1300 device for only $500, it’s hilarious. I loved it, the box was sealed with a lot of glue on it to make it secure. The conditions of the device are excellent it looks like new it didn’t have any scratches, bumps, or marks. The computer is just perfect, its exactly what I needed. Also the time of delivery was about a week exactly what they predicted it was going to take. Good service very happy with the product

  11. Pdimens

    I purchased an Asuspro B9440, which I loved the form factor of, but this $500 laptop that I borrowed from a friend I just ended up liking so much more. It has ports, it’s comfortable, it has a good comfortable keyboard with great travel, the screen is sharp (I never use or used the touchscreen part, so I can’t comment on that). It runs linux like a champ, and the touchpad is pretty decent too (the AsusPro had a crummy touchpad). I wish it charged a little faster, but admittedly I was a little spoiled by the ASUS in that regard. Long story short, I regret nothing by trading “down” to this laptop because it feels like a real big improvement.

  12. Mary Shadrix

    I’m two months in and I’m loving it! Typing this review on it right now! Perfect for students! Easy to carry around from class to class. I’ve never had a touch screen laptop, and I just assumed I’d never use it, but I use it all the time and love it! This laptop just makes me stand by non-name brand companies even more, it’s the same product just cheaper! It’s also just very sleek and cute!

  13. Jon

    After my second Macbook 12 died after a year it was time to move on and the features of this machine exceed in my opinion.It runs Linux Mint without any tweaking and runs all the apps I need. It’ s sleep and recover from opening and closing the lid work flawlessly. So far I am very happy with this machine and will never buy another Mac again.The huge screen provides vibrant colour and wastes no space on a bezel.Sound and trackpad are not quite Mac but everything else more than makes up.

  14. RP

    I bought this laptop hesitantly as this is made in China. After using couple of days I realized that I made the right decision. Laptop is very fast, noise free like some other models, nice looking. It has all features you wish to have at a reasonable price. I strongly recommend this lap top.

  15. Anamika Chatterjee

    The wingle, i.e. wifi-dongle, performs it’s task superbly. I have used Jio, Airtel & BSNL sim cards, and observed that the internet speed is wonderful. The wifi range is also sufficient for an average 2BHK flat. You can connect it directly with any computer/powerbank/wall charger. I am very happy with this product and would certainly recommend it.

  16. Manu.M

    This is the review after 2 months of use.. working efficiently with my airtel ,jio,bsnl (3g) sims…wifi range is good..good signal strength…easy to use…can connect to multiple devices… app for setting the dongle working well(you can manage everything with the app except calling.reading messages from the sim is working efficiently)…if you have good network coverage it works well….i saw so many reviews including negative….but now in market it is the best option….i bought a wifi reciever along with this..its helps you to place the dongle in a signal strength area and acess the net wherever you need (if you have a pc without wifi reciever)….for mobile and laptop already have wifi reciever so no worries….i will get a better net speed than bsnl broadband connection with this….you can share files with multiple devices using this and use as a wifi extender tooo….

  17. 1neGod

    I bought with 999INR. I unlocked and I use Jio SIM because Airtel Net is so slow in my place. Slower than idea 2g

  18. Amazon Customer

    Great hotspot, unlocked it recently, worls with any indian sim, you can find unlocking tutorials over youtube, overall a good router if you wish to unlock it in future for using sims other than airtel. Jio Hotspots cannot be unlocked.


    I love this product. When I was trying to use one of my Airtel sim cards on phone it was giving average speed but the moment when I started to use this hotspot the speed is so good and I am very satisfied with the speed. This product is definitely useful to anybody the reasons are1. Easy to carry (anywhere)2. The plans are very good like JIO starts from Rs.149 (1GB/day validity 28 days overall 28 GB data and unlimited calling)3. One can remove the sim card and inserted in any handset and make calls4. Monthly rentals are very low compared to Broadbands (though Brand bands offer a lot of data)5. If you need a moderate data plan go for it.6. Never checked the battery life.

  20. Dbur1000

    I was very enthusiastic about the form factor of this device. The screen is quite nice, but the glitches and issues I’ve had with my unit have forced me to return it after only light usage. I’ve had issues in particular with the finger print reader, wifi stability (on multiple networks), and a weird black screen limbo when restarting and sometimes when powering on. Its hard to generalize if these issues are particular to my unit or this model in general, but do take this as a data point in making your purchase decision.

  21. Cliente Amazon

    Is not always that I stop to write a review. I just came to say that this equipment is brilliant if you know what you are buying and what are you paying for. Portability: excellent. Appearence: great! Battery: sucks. But, again: if you are replacing those bulky laptops to carry something light, specially if you are buying it for a student which is already carrying a heavy backpack with books and is supposed to use the computer mostly in a indoor environment with wifi and AC outlets available around, I am pretty sure this is the best choice you can make with 500 dollars.

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