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  • At you can purchase Samsung 192 L Direct Cool Single Door 4 Star (2020) Refrigerator for only Rs. 14,690
  • The lowest price of Bosch 636 L Frost Free Side by Side (0) Refrigerator  (Glass Black, KAD92SB30) was obtained on May 5, 2020 5:08 am.


  1. Manoj M

    Not a safe buy if you don’t have service center in your area. I struggled a lot for installation and finally i had to return the product because of defective piece(found broken pieces inside the fridge). Amazon service is great but they couldn’t do anything as installation has to be done by devil Bosch. I got my full refund after 7 days in my bank account.Better go for some other brand.

  2. TheMostMysterious

    I don’t know why people left all bad reviews for this product. They may did this as they could’ve received defected one.This refrigerator is an awesome machine and working perfectly as expected.Pros:Sleek and modern design.Very large inner space .Almost no noise.Powerful Cooling. DoorFlow feature is great!Cons:No door locking system.No LED in freezerYou’ll love this fridge. Go for it.

  3. User

    Amazon is selling damaged products. Received 2 defective products and finally had to return the product.Pathetic. Big brand name doesn’t help.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Bosch’s products are worldwide very much accepted and appreciated. Very good Refrigirator , cooling is awesome. The only problem with the plastic trays which are poor quality.

  5. Veekay

    I purchased this product after hearing about Bosch’s excellent technology. The fridge is excellent, spacious and cooling well for the last one month since we purchased it.

  6. Anu Chacko

    Refrigerator is good. It is very spacious inside and doesn’t feel so big outside. Liking it.. Just started using will update more as I use. No sound…. and looks good.There is no covered diary zone to keep milk and misc2 problems -1. No Ice tray included as per the spec.2. Delivery people removed the packing and set the fridge. So when the bosch installation guy comes he finds that one of the vegetable tray clip is broken. They do not change it. They say amazon should do it. Not knowing how to get it done. The problem with this broken clip it becomes difficult to keep the tray once it is taken out.

  7. BAL

    Within 2 days ice started accumulating and Frost free system was not working so returned this product. Later I came to know that many people are facing same problem and after 10 days this product is not returnable. BOSCH will try to fix this by sending technicians but no use and you also miss 10 days and after that no return.

  8. Shadu

    In the first attempt the fridge arrived with dents. Amazon provided a replacement which arrived in an acceptable manner. However one plastic panel in the freezer was cracked. The Bosch technicians arrived within minutes of calling them for installation. They have agreed to replace the cracked panel too.This aside fridge is big and deep. One needs to be atleast 5’5” to reach inside the freezer compartment fully. Looks well built. It’s a 2016 model, made in Germany. Too early to comment on performance.

  9. Shankar Devraj

    Has only one light in the fridge. No light in freezer. 454L Model has two lights in the fridge and one light in the freezer. Otherwise very spacious, well built. Good service by Bosch to cover minor shortcomings in shipment. Very professional service by Bosch engineers.

  10. Vinod S.

    The fridge works like a charm. The build quality, appearance is good. Tho the box seemed to have been handled roughly (torn cardboard), there were no scratches or dents on the fridge. IMP – before opting for open box (opening of package by Amazon delivery team) delivery, do talk to Bosch customer care on their helpline. I did and they asked me not to open the cardboard packing. It has to be opened by the installation engineer. Anyone else opening the box would void the warranty. The installation engineer confirmed the same. Also it’s a heavy fridge. If possible talk to Amazon customer care to ensure that atleast 3 delivery personnel are present to lift the fridge into your home. My delivery had 2 ppl, the driver and Amazon rep. I had to be the third person to lift the fridge to my home. Fridge is awesome.

  11. Raja Datta

    Received with dent and was informed to Amazon , no action from Amazon. Also both the door is not aligned that very much visible , when brought to the notice of the Installation Engineer , I was told this how the Refrigerator is made. Now after a closer Look , I find its a faulty Doors. Doors once opened cannot be opened second time until you wait for another 1 min. Thats was all about the outside of the refrigerator. I would rate highly for the inside. Any cakes/bread you keep in my previous refrigerator would go dry and hard. In Bosch its remains as good soft. Also Ice Cream in my previous refrigerator would become very hard but in the new Bosch is remains as soft as brought. All fruits remains juicy not dry. I am totally disappointed with the defects mentioned above.

  12. Roshan

    This refrigerator is awesome. Vegetables and greens remain fresh for a long time. Though our family is small, we went for it as we tend to keep all pulses in the freezer.I had a Samsung Refrigerator before and was not satisfied with it as the vegetables and greens used to perish in couple of days itself. I adjusted the settings and tried various methods, also service guys didn’t do proper job. So ditched Samsung and bought Bosch.

  13. Siddharth

    Its been a 2 months i gifted BOSCH refrigerator to my Senior Citizen Parents and within 2 months the refrigerator stopped working, we are trying all means to contact service center and request for replacement but nothing is happening. it is been 4 days with this problem and all of our food items have also got spoiled because of this.Immediate replacement will be appreciated.

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