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  • At you can purchase Asus Zenfone Go (2nd Gen) (White, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) for only Rs. 3,999
  • The lowest price of Asus ROG (Black, 128 GB)(8 GB RAM) was obtained on April 15, 2020 5:26 am.



  1. shimanta das

    Total good !!!! because –1. this phone have no any type of unwanted apps pre-installed like vidmate etc.2. ram is 3 gb but you get 1.2 gb which is total good to run atleast 7 apps like(whatsapp,fb,instagram,youtube,g-map,camera etc.) in smoothly in background with internet connectivity3. it has smart battery management controller4. space you get 22 gb which is is good but you need to do some settings then you can get a perfect pic.6. 10v charger which is superv!!! as quick charge7. light weight , smooth display(HD+)8. dual microphone (main facility to smooth call and to talking ecperience)overall product is good !!!!don’t worry about snapdragon processor it’s really gooddis-advantage –1. have no gorilla glass , you need to pay 100 rupee only to get

  2. Mahesh

    Just go for this phone..its working really good…I got this mobile at low price and all features are working well….though its refurbished I am truly happy..

  3. krishna

    The following are the worst points1. When the time of low internet signal.If you open any App then mobile goes to stuck.This is i am facing on the first day onwards.2.Finger print won’t work as expected3.Face detection will not work as excepted4.Now the receiver got failed.If i open the speaker, then only my voice able hear other end.Still this many issue why i am continuing only good thing battery performance is good.

  4. Sudhir r.

    Product is more than good , all of the features are at par with quality product ,although there is a yellowish sign can only be appeared when display is off.,,also one time my phone got turned off automatically after one day of purchase ,may be it had updated any software but after 3 minutes it had reboot successfully ,after then there is no problem,one amazing thing is that it’s charging speed is faster than I have hoped,,go for it

  5. Chakravarthy DSK

    Although, the listing states that there is a 10 days replacement guarantee, but the customer support agents will not accept your replacement, even if the product is defective.

  6. esha ray chaudhury

    didnot face any problem .. camera..picture quality..battery.. everything is all right..even never hang also….

  7. Hemendra Dhali

    Why we buy a refurbished Phone.. where a new Phone is available with in 2 thousand rupees… And we don’t get back cover ,brand warranty, sim ejecter tool, user manual guide in refurbished phone…

  8. Mailvakanan.k

    It looks like a new phone. But some of technical problems are there. It is not possible to cut the call by way of double tap on the screen after completion call. We must use side button to cut it. While wake up it gives unnecessary vibration. However good mobile for this cost.

  9. sonia Thomas

    It seems I have got a second hand product. There’s a scratch mark on the back of the phone and it looks as if someone has used it earlier.

  10. Mahadev shinde

    Very nice to have ….Zenfone Phone in such a good price …its valuable to find the product well good in all aspects and specifications. Good in sound. Good in memory. . Good Battery life…..Good in dual camera effect photos n selfies. .good internal memory and RAM too…..dual sim with dedicated external expandable SD card slot too…all aspects are totally valuable in such price…….


    I got the replaced product ..but the system on switching in is just showing the start up menu…”ASUS” and stays there…either you give me a good product or replace the money…done with this

  12. Rajeev.R.S.

    First of all, the product was well maintained and looks very good on eyes. The screen and case had no major scratches or damages. I had faced an issue with functioning of the product. Some times the phone gets automatically stuck at the screen and I was unable to use it further more. I had to press the power button to lock it and then press it again to unlock and then only I was able to use it anymore. This issue was recurring again and again even after with the help of amazon assistant team resetting the phone. I think its software problem or may be a hardware issue as I am not a technical geek. Amazon provided technician to resolve my issue. The technician checked the phone and after his evaluation, which took several hours, told me that he has requested for the replacement or refund for my phone. After his evaluation, amazon team called me and told me that they are refunding my money as there is currently no replacement for the same model. So, the phone was picked up by my usual amazon agent in a professional manner and the refund has been initiated. I got the my refund two days after the pickup. Overall experience is good and I really appreciate all the amazon team for their professional and yet affectionate approach to the issue I faced. I thank all of them personally and wishing all of them the very best. Thank you.

  13. Hemanth kumar

    I am buying Asus Zenfone starting charger is not working going in 3month display is not working complete giving not answer

  14. PewDiePie

    So many people are buying/have bought this laptop and so many of them have written reviews claiming that it’s very accurate when in reality it’s so wrong. I don’t want to boast but if someone is not technologically sound enough then they should not claim being absolutely right about what they write in their respective reviews since reviews play a very crucial role in how a product does on Amazon.Anyway, this is my review on this laptop and this is going to be very accurate and in very much detail so be patient and feel free to comment below any questions if you have them after reading.First I want to begin by saying that this is current the best budget laptop out there especially for gaming and don’t worry that some upcoming laptop is going to come out soon and eradicate this one, its most likely something like that won’t happen because all the upcoming gaming laptops now feature the Nvidia GTX 1660 GPUs which are on a much higher price range than this laptop.Now, the MRP (the price it was launched at) of this laptop was 60k (59,990) but it was toned down to 50k (49,990 to be precise) because ASUS realized that the 60k price range was not very welcoming and considering the specs it is giving, 50k is ideal.This laptop has one more version which is the 705dy, the only notable difference between 505 and 705 is the screen size. 17 inch is a bit too much if you ask me, in terms of portability, 15 inch is considered to be the ideal and standard size for any laptop. Paying 10k extra just for that screen is a complete waste of money so just go for 505dy instead.Both these laptops, the 505 as well as the 705 are online exclusive products so you won’t be getting these in the offline shops, believe me, I called up many and have already tried that. You can get the 504, etc, but not these two laptops.For those who are skeptical about buying electronics online, it doesn’t matter. Buying online is just as good as offline. However, you should trust third party websites, trust only verified sellers in Amazon. Offline you do get some price off but since this is an online only product, go for it. Don’t hesitate. You won’t get a better laptop in 50k, period.When this launched, it was 50k, I waited for a week to buy it but unfortunately, the day I was going to place my order, the price hiked to 60k, I was so depressed since I was previously so hyped about buying this. I contacted forums, mailed the seller (Appario Retail) but no reply came from anywhere. Eventually, the price came down a week later for 2 days to 50k and that is when I bought it. Precisely in 49,990. Don’t pay a rupee extra than that. If the price is higher than 50k, wait for it to come down. You may feel like it never will and that you missed your chance and now your life is ruined lol, but it will get down. Hope for the best.Thanks for waiting and being so patient, now finally, the review. Don’t blame me for being so precise about all of this, the devil is in the details and I am just sharing my story for the convenient of you guys. Otherwise why would I spend such a long time writing so much, lol.Anyway, so this laptop was launched back in CES 2019 (An international event for tech enthusiasts) and it features the latest 12nm (nanometer) chip from Ryzen which is the 3550h (Fun Fact for your GK – h processors are better than u processors)The 3550h is slightly better if not equal to the 8th gen i5 8300hThe processor has Vega 8 integrated graphics which is itself a very impressive thing, a bit unnecessary since you will already get a dedicated GPU but why not.So the processor is really good, and powerful. More than enough for gaming and suitable for productivity.Now the GPU, it is the RX560x which is similar to the 1050ti, I’ve only played GTA5 so far and it runs like a dream. 1080p high at a constant frame rate range of 55-60 fpsNOTE : Always plug your charger while gaming, otherwise your game will not run smoothly at all. GTA5 without charger dips to 8,9,12, fps with content stuttering. Basically, it’s a nightmare.Don’t think of this as a problem, it’s a norm for gaming laptops. They are designed to behave like a PC so that’s why they need constant power for heavy work.There’s also a very important tip which is the most important thing about this review, I haven’t seen anyone note that point that’s why I was saying that all the other reviews are useless. It’s about the drivers, I will come to it later on, shortly.The battery life is not so good but honestly, its not that bad either. I mean, gaming laptops, even the higher end ones, all of them face this battery issue. So it’s understandable. Luckily this laptop has an excellent Power Saving mode so if you turn it on and switch off the backlit keyboard lights, and turn down the brightness to say, 50% you can easily get 5-6 hours of working hours on this laptop.The build and design is very impressive and the biggest selling point, at least for me was the slim bezels. The 6.5mm thing bezels are so sharp and it’s really surprising to see such slim bezels in a budget laptops coz slim bezels are usually only found in high end laptops.I compared this laptop with my friend’s 1.3lakh MSI in build and design, the bezels on this are considerably thinner which not only is much more pleasing aesthetically but also makes your screen feel much larger than it is.There is no SSD in this but only a 1TB HDDNOTE : Only the US version has the SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive) which is in short, better than a HDD since the hybrid drives mimics the intel optane design. Google it is you want to know more about it.You can install an SSD but it has to be an m.2 NVME one, you cannot use the m.2 SATA which might be bad news for some since NVME are quite expensive and much faster than SATA.At first I though, the 1TB HDD will be a bottleneck for this laptop but it’s not as bad as one might think. The laptop takes about a minute to boot and even after completing the entire game, GTA5 takes around 2 minutes to load. Pretty decent honestly.The ram is 8GB DDR4 2666MHZ not 2400MHZ, which is a good thing since obviously 2666 is faster than 2400 (you can do the math, lol), to take advantage of the CPU I do recommend adding another 2666MHZ ram to it since Ryzen really performs considerably better with Dual-Channel memory. You can upgrade it up to 32GB but for that you need to buy 2 sticks of 16GB which is make your already present 8GB useless, honestly for this CPU and GPU, 16GB is enough so just buy another 8GB of 2666MHZ DDR4 stick for Dual-Channel.There is no disk drive, which is fine since no one really uses those anymore. If you really need one, buy the USB portable ones (available on Amazon as well)I also ran Witcher 3 and it runs like a dream, I get 30FPS (while not charging) and 45-55FPS (while charging) 1080p HighBatman Arkham Knight gives me 60FPS (while charging) 1080p HighSo basically, always keep the laptop plugged while gaming!Note, the adapter can get very hot, like extremely hot, there have been times when I literally had to place a cold water bottle on top of the adapter to cool it down a bit. The laptop gets reasonably warm while gaming but the turbo cooling fans keep the laptop cool but since there is no method of cooling for the charger adapter whatsoever, the extreme hearing worries me sometimes.Now the final part, the drivers. So every GPU has drivers for it, different GPU’s require different drivers to be installed on your computer. Now, drivers are basically software which links your computer to your GPU and helps it recognize and better run the hardware. The driver for the Radeon cards and also for this 560x is the AMD Radeon Adrenaline and it didn’t come pre installed on this laptop which they should’ve done. Anyway, it’s easily and readily available on its website and the UI of the website is also pretty handy so you won’t have trouble finding and installing it.Why it’s so important, if you don’t use your dedicated GPU (560x) for say 20-30mins after you switch your laptop on, it stops recognizing it and it just disappears from both Adrenaline as well as Device Manager>Display Adapters. I thought getting the proper updated drivers would fix this problem but it didn’t. This problem is also acknowledged in Austin Evan’s review video of this laptop. At this point the laptop only shows the Vega 8 (Integraded CPU Graphics) as the only one existing and every game you run will use that making your 560x redundant.To fix this, simply restart your laptop. There is no other way to fix it apparently. I always have to cross-check if it’s still reading the 560x before running any game which can get a little repetitive and annoying after sometime.Anyway, feel free to ask any questions if you’d like!Edit (after 4 months of usage) – AMD has finally fixed the driver disappearing issue so that’s a relief. Otherwise the laptop is fine. I love the Night mode of the new Windows update. Also, I don’t know if I mentioned this above in my super lengthy review above but the Red Backlight of the Space Bar in particular doesn’t light up, don’t panic, it’s not a defect. It’s just made that way. Space Bar doesn’t have a Backlight to begin with which is a bit weird but fine. I was also facing regular rebooting issues with my laptop but the latest windows updates have really fine tuned all the flaws so yay! So basically, make sure you update all the 3 things when you but it, The Standard Windows Update, AMD Radeon Adrenaline Driver (which you would need to download so make sure you get the latest one) and finally, Update the pre-existing Vega 8 Driver from Device Manager>Display Adapters

  15. Neelesh

    Best laptop under 50,000 budget4gb graphics card is enough to play any heavy game on payable FpsDisplay is outstanding at this budgetBattery – in casual use you can get up to 5 hrs and while gaming 1 to 1.5hrsSo conclusion is if you are looking for a laptop under 50,000 then this is the best option For you…. Now One like for me 😂

  16. Sunny Jatt

    Firstly i was not sure about the product but now, when i got my laptop i would say its the best gaming laptop you can get below 50k. its the best laptopBEST PART :- It’s build quality and Processor I just loved it more than my …..Asus TUF gaming FX505 will change the way you look at gaming laptops. It exceeds expectations, boasting impressive hardware and a compact, aggressively-designed chassis that’s exceptionally tough. FX505 has a gaming desktop-inspired keyboard with RED-backlit keys, a highlighted WASD key group, and overstrike technology for fast and precise control. With a cutting-edge IPS-level nano edge display, and a MIL-STD-810G test certified durability, FX505 delivers an immersive gaming experience without breaking the bank. Despite its compact size, FX505 packs the punch of a full-fledged gaming desktop. It’s powered by an Ryzen 5 3550H processors more powerful than the previous generation, this latest processor allows for faster, more efficient multitasking, including simultaneous gaming, recording, and live-streaming. FX505 come with AMD Radeon RX 560X graphics card for vivid visuals and super smooth gameplay. Asus-exclusive hyper cool technology comprises of the anti-dust cooling (ADC) system and fan over boost technology to ensure exceptional cooling during gaming marathons. Furthermore, cooling is also improved by the patented trapezoid-cut lid and intelligent parallel fan placement. The DTS headphone: X technology delivers immersive, high-fidelity 7.1-channel virtual surround sound for theater-quality audio, even when you’re using a headset.

  17. rishi bhasin

    Laptop is blazing fast and second screen is amazing with touch , keyboard is little crammed and asus should have given handpad for 14 inch also , 14 inch has fhd display however 15 inch has 4k display , it can do full HD gaming ,tried and tested rise of tomb raider via xbox game pass,happy with laptop,you can do lot much multitasking with this laptop ,really happy with it

  18. Chandan Pal

    So it’s not a bad product. But for the price, it fails to deliver the value that matches the price.1) It feels heavy and clunky. Though the actual weight is not much, its design gives it a older generation feel2) The second screen is great3) The main screen, though FHD isn’t very sharp. And for the price, should have been a 2k screen anyways. My Sony laptop from 2008 has a sharper screen.4) The laptop is powerful. I use a bunch of photo editing tools on it. Works very well with Photoshop and other resource intensive tools5) The fan is very very very noisy6) The stylus is pedestrian. Compared to Wacom and Apple, the stylus has no real standing.7) The battery on paper is great. But in reality, it is max 2.5 hrs of heavy usage (photoshop like s/w)

  19. Arbaz Ahmed

    Very good laptop for day 2 day uses , Strictly no gaming . Earlier i had Macbook Air but this time i don’t wanna spend that much so i choose this best thing is SSD just upgrade RAM to 8 or 12 GB and this is best. It’s also have external HDD space upto 1 tb for SSD or HHD.Things i LikeBacklit keyboardNarrow bezelfinger print unlockExternal Hard-disk kitBattery upto 6 hr , set to better performanceprice , i got for 35k with i3 8th gen , in other place same price is available with i3 7th genSeller is good delivered as promised

  20. Vijay madhu

    Best under 40kOuter packing as well as inside packing was good and the laptop works perfect. No problem as of now but will review again after using for a month.

  21. Bharath Reddy

    Good laptop for the price , display has a slight yellow tinge , speakers are below average , so is the webcam. Ssd makes a difference , very good boot and read times.Overall a good vfm laptop.Experienced both grey and silver colours , I’ll say grey is much better , silver is more flashy than classy , also the backlight on the silver makes keys less visible at times

  22. Amazon Customer

    I generally do not write reviews. After buying so many things on Amazon I am forced to say that it is the worst thing that I have brought here. This product does not serve the purpose neither it is up to the mark as mentioned in the product description mentioned when I ordered. It’s not even been 4 months and I have got it serviced once and now after that it still so so slow. I am not sure how Asus tagline says “in search of incredible””. I won’t recommend to anyone.

  23. Rahul

    Excellent product. Recommended buy.Pros:– VERY light weight and compact- m.2 ssd slot available. I separately bought an SSD for 2k to improve performance- comes with Windows 10 home edition licensed copy- build is plastic but sturdy. No complaints abt that- looks good- best priceCons:– slow performance. Dont expect a window to open immediately after clicking. But the good news is that this laptop has an m.2 ssd slot. So I separately bought an ssd for 2k which their service center guys happily installed free of charge. After the ssd upgrade for 2k the laptop is very fast. Boots up in 8 seconds max.- sound volume is a little low so dont expect to watch movies with family without external speakersOverall, it’s an excellent product for daily use. I researched Dell, HP and Lenovo laptops before buying this. None give this good a deal. No one gives Windows Licensed copy at


    All good. It’s not a super computer but has it’s performance Nd works pretty well. I was beat confused before buying if amazon will deliver a good one or not. But when I got it and used it I m happy and fine with its performance and loved its compactness. So guys if u want a budget laptop under 30 k with good configurations than this laptop is for u. ASUS has done a fabulous job for budget laptops. I will recommend u guys go for it bcz it has a nice handy compact design with 14 inch screen and a fingerprint scanner which makes it perfect. Apart from that it has a fast charging battery which completes its full charge less than 1 hr. Woh aur kya chahiye. 4 saal chal jaye to bauhot he yaaar. I like it after using Lenovo for more 6 yrs . So guys don’t worry buy it if u have a plan to purchase a budget laptop under 30 k . Bcz this model is not available on market, it’s an online model. Thanks I hope u do well guys.

  25. ravi t.

    The laptop always hangs up and it takes time to run the programs. The build quality and the performance was not up to the mark. With new updates, it became slow. It takes a lot of time to start and shut down. The before said things are for light usage only. Finally upset with the product.

  26. Dwarika

    Today is second day and i have explored every things in this laptop.Battery works for 6 hrs if brightness is at 40 percent other wise with full bridgtness it only works for 2hrs.Overall beast device if you are a programmer and works on multiple VM.. Further i will update more in future

  27. Babariya A.

    This is Very nice product. The all features are best in this price. I have a perches this product Amazon india sell in 40000. But the one problem the steup is we have a creat. Some SQL use then some package download required. Other than this is a best product in this price.

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