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  • At you can purchase Acer Aspire 3 Pentium Gold - (4 GB/500 GB HDD/Windows 10 Home) A315-53-P4MY Laptop(15.6 inch, Obsidian Black, 2.1 kg) for only Rs. 17,990, which is 90% less than the cost in Croma (Rs. 179,999).
  • The lowest price of Acer Predator Helios 300 (PH315-52) Core i7 9th Gen Windows 10 Laptop (16 GB, 1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD, 6 GB Graphics, 39.62 cm, Black) was obtained on July 3, 2020 5:33 pm.


  1. Partho Roy Chowdhury

    Just got the product delivered after a excruciating wait of 4 days.Initial Impressions are good.Laptop is fast.I already have a desktop with SSD, so i know how much impact can a SSD have on the speed and performance.Look-wise it is not very beautiful ,it is rather a old design i would say.Display is pretty average, my hp desktop has beautiful color saturation as compared to this. Viewing angles are pretty poor i would say. You have to sit in idle position in order to fully see what is going on in each and every corner of the screen.Batter life is also average, as per industry standards.The display can bend up to 180 degrees.Keyboards are not backlit, which is wrong to expect at this price, but typing on them is pretty convenient.Speakers are average, but i wish speakers were upward because downward speaker sound gets suppressed due to surface.Web cam is very poor, reminded me of old VGA cameras.The laptop is slim and weighs less too, so easy to carry around.Track pad is smooth. Gestures are of really great help.No indicator for caps lock or numeric lock, so that’s a bummer.The back side of the laptop is totally sealed, i.e in order to add RAM or expand storage we will need to open the screws which will void the warranty if we do it by ourselves, and the service team will charge a hefty sum for this service at the Acer authorized service center, which is not good.The provided charger is old generation i.e comparatively huge and bulky, not the type Asus or Dell gives with their laptops nowadays.The only Reason i gave it 5 star is because i bought it in a steal price of effectively 22.5k on GIS, Sept 2019.Otherwise i would have given it 3.5 star max.Will upload pics tomorrow and give updates on the performance.

  2. Harsimran Singh

    Laptop is best at this price point. It has a 256 SSD , i3 8145u processor. Service was fast,got it next day. Very happy to have itIt’s full HD too

  3. vivek jha

    Only 238.47 GB of Intel HDD is showing on ‘acer care centre application’ and on ‘my pc’ also. No 256 GB SSD or 1TB HDD is there.

  4. viral rana

    Awesome product, fully functional. One thing to share is that you won’t be able so see hard drive in bios initially, you need to categorize first and you can do partition as per your needs. I was confused as I read few review about that here before. But all is resolved as I visited customer care at Acer. Go for it, worth buying


    Worst laptop. It may have good configuration but the laptop is not working at all. If want a good laptop just choose some other laptop

  6. prajwal.n.nayak

    Bill has not been given plz give bill as soon as possible and laptop is also not that much good waste money

  7. Jyoti Kumar Tudu

    I am happy with this purchase. It was really difficult to shortlist one laptop among so many models. Although I hate to give lengthy review and wanted to end here, I remember how the reviews like “Nice one, Good one, Bad one, Worst choice etc.” were not helping me to shortlist laptop and I was relying totally upon the lengthy reviews/uploaded images-videos by other customer to understand about the product. Therefore, in return I’m too writing an detailed review that may help others decide if this is the laptop they want to buy?The biggest factor that decides which laptop you need to buy is the “Budget”. My budget was Rs 45K and my requirements were a normal laptop having features:- core i5, 8gb ram, 1 tb capacity and 2gb graphics card. I gave up the idea of purchasing in local store because all they had to offer was laptop with 2gb graphics card model worth 50k which would hurt my budget.I found better deal in amazon hence I shortlisted and ordered this 15.6 inch “Acer Nitro 5 AN515-52 15.6-inch Laptop (8th Gen Intel Core i5-8300H/8GB RAM/1TB/Windows 10 Home 64-bit/4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Graphics)” on 4th October,2019 during festive sale offer and got it @41,000/- which was otherwise priced Rs 43,000. I received the product on 10th Oct, 2019 in fully sealed package & in perfect condition. Wow! I wasn’t even getting a normal laptop with core i5 and 2GB graphics card under 45K locally. Now, you see why I chose this product.I am writing this review so late because I had to go out of station for about 2 weeks and all I could do in short time period was just unboxing and test switch on/off, which I found okay. Highlights of this laptop are core i5, 4GB Nvidia graphics card and above all its a Gaming laptop in budget. Let me make it clear that my laptop is normal GTX 1050 graphics card one and NOT titan series GTX 1050 ti or SSD version. If budget is your least concern you may opt for the nvidia titan series/amd graphics card with ssd support, which are even more powerful & stronger.Some noticeable features:——————————-Full HD screen, webcam, red backlight keyboard, gesture control mousepad, 3.5mm headphone jack, 1 USB type-C, 2 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, ethernet slot, 1 HDMI slot, 1 memory card slot, laptop-desk tethering/lock slot.Battery will last 3-4 hours depending on heavy usage and may vary in your case.Something you’ll feel lucky about:—————————————–2 front firing speakers (1 on each side in front) with Dolby Audio Premium & True Harmony feature. I played High quality mp3 song in noise free room and it felt like someone has poured honey into my ears(roughly translated from kaan mein shahad ghol dena). I am not bragging, you need to listen to believe its superb sound quality. Its Just Wow! It’s no use uploading sound file owing to factors like disturbances that may get recorded too. Moreover, if some are having bad earphone/headphone, it will only add to worsen your hearing experience.Next is Acer Nitro Sense with Cool Boost technology. It definitely helps to lower laptop internal temperature via software by regulating fan speed accordingly as per the requirement of the running application.Heat vents are located behind laptop. It appears as whole back portion is the hot air release vent but, only left portion is the heat release vent while the right portion has been designed just to look similar to match the built. Try not to keep laptop on your lap, bed or flat surface, chances are high you will block the air intake zone necessary for cooling your System. This isn’t compulsory but, just to be on safe side so that it doesn’t complicate things for you in future. Buy some cheap platform to keep your laptop at some height from flat surface so that it gets proper space to suck in cold air.Finally, to sum up, this is a nice gaming laptop under budget but, if you can spend more I would suggest to go for higher titan series,amd radeon series, etc. graphics card version with ssd feature. Although it’s totally your choice and budget, I would recommend you not to buy laptop models without graphics card support and less RAM as they tend to start lagging and hang frequently as you install more & more applications or as they become old. A bit of investment can make your purchase future proof. Don’t let the negative reviews hold you back. You need to understand the fact that these are electronic items and several factors come into play like manufacture defect, damage during transportation, etc. So, if someone gives negative review, doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is bad.I am uploading some photo samples here. If you want to check a brief game performance demo as well, search for “Acer Nitro 5 AN515-52 game performance demo of Metro Last Light” by user iRunman in youtube without inverted comma. Don’t panic if you don’t find the video as I will post the video within a day or two once I process and downsize it. I am not a regular youtuber nor do I ask anyone to subscribe my channel so, feel free to check the video to see the laptop performance.

  8. Shopoholicno 1

    Slim ,compact ,light weight body.Fast processor , powerful. At such a great price.Very satisfactory performance.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Ok,so the laptop looks good performs good has a great display not good viewing angles though.Games at 1080p medium run as smooth as can be.I upgraded the laptop with a 500gb evo 860ssd and removed my hdd.One suggestion i would give is to increase ram as it generally runs at 60% full.Rest all is fine,battery backup is ok normal usage about 4hrs of on screen time.I had an acer before v5 series i7 it had a tremendous battery backup almost would never run out but that had a 3600mah battery this one has a 3200mah.The rx560x in this has 16 cu not 14 so this is not just a overclocked 460.UPDATEI ran this system through 3d mark’s TIme spy:Each time scored more than 1900 and less than 2000.In the same league as of gtx 1050 notebook,Marginally better.1050ti is around 30% more powerful than this.If you a want laptop just for gaming buy one with 1050ti.MAX temp during benchmark: CPU 69c ,GPU 60c.One thing to note is this GPU is clocked at 1275mhz versus 1770 of 1050 vs 2000 of 1050ti.This system runs cool.Peace.

  10. Gaurav Goyal

    Defective hardware sent. WiFi not working. Keeps dropping signal. Have called Amazon at least four times. I keep getting told that I would get replacement but no action happens. Apparently someone needs to approve the replacement, but he is sitting on it. God knows when Amazon will take action. Feels like I am dealing with government bureaucracy.Update – I finally got the replacement. The wifi on the replacement is better, however its still slow compared to the other devices i have. I guess the quality of wifi hardware on this device is not good.

  11. Rajesh Kumar Sharma

    The laptop is quite good. I will not go into detailed gaming review because it comfortably runs present AAA titles at medium-high @1080p.The body feels solid and well crafted. Does not pass as cheap at all. Build quality is at par with 80K gaming laptops.Windows 10 runs quite good out of the box. Only two cons here being the whole 931GB HDD being made into a single Windows partition which I really didn’t like, and lack of a recovery drive.Backlit keyboard is good to use. It would’ve been nice if backlight intensity was adjustable. Touchpad is nice and takes gestures comfortably.CPU & GPU are value for money and well matched. Heat management is good, specially coupled with Acer Nitrosense.The IPS Display is stunning with wide Horizontal and Vertical viewing angles. Black is really black (and not gray as usually seen on laptop screens), and there is no light bleed anywhere on the screen. Colour reproduction is quite faithful and impressive.Sound is actually a lot better than what I expected. Dolby system makes quite a difference.The M.2 2280 slot is nice to have, and I have ordered a basic WD Green 240GB M.2 SSD which I got at 3330/- to put into it, so I expect even better loading times when I move Windows and games to the SSD.Overall, it is a good gaming laptop for the budget, and would justify its cost even if it was priced 65K. (I got it at 44K during offer, plus 1000 Amazon Pay cashback. Consider effective cost with 240GB SSD to be 46,330/-. That’s awesome!)At less than 50K, it gives other gaming laptops in the segment a good run for their money considering all above mentioned factors. Totally recommend it to fellow gamers who want a good budget gaming laptop.

  12. mridul

     Dont fall prey to the specs. So slow even with i7. Don’t buy this. Please save your hard earned money.And for those planning to install ssd, it would void the warranty if installed from external source. And acer engineers are charging too much.Biggest regret.

  13. Bicky Tirua

    i5 processorSuper …. Product i ….If u having slow boot loading.. Than update your windows or Replace HDD to SSD.After 7days i use… It’s goes perfect ..Casual Gaming, Work , Programing Etc.Dont fall to other bad review…..Your Budget 40-45k Than buy it…If Helpful …. Please like helpful button 🙂

  14. Divakar

    In 36k, I5 processor with semi-good picture quality, good touch pad for mouse, Build quality not much good. Overall good in this range with I5 processor.

  15. Anjali

    The laptop looks wise is fine & performance is also good. However, a little more information on the licenses of office, anti virus is expected in the description. This product does not come with office & anti virus licenses. Battery backup can be better. It only lasts for maximum of 5 hours when continuously used.

  16. sameed ahmed

    Pros : i5 Processor,8gb ram,1TB hdCons:No backlit keyboard,Webcam is poor(0.3 MP)Overall : Light weight laptop,pretty fast.Build quality is all others in this range),Battery is good(did not use extensively aon)Will update after using a few months.

  17. Nitin Solanki

    Good deal on Amazon for this product , configuration is good . This laptop is liked by everyone who has seen it.

  18. Rudra

    **Long Post**tl;dr Buggy UEFISo, here is the whole story. Within 3 weeks of purchase, windows crashed (BSOD) . The OEM recovery service (Windows UEFI Recovery) failed to fix and went in boot-loop. Gave it to service center and they primarily diagnosed it to be a faulty HDD issue and replaced the factory HDD with a WD 5600RPM one.After I brought it home and connected the charger, it triggered BSOD (again) and then went to BSOD Loop and triggered 12 different BSOD Prompt in a loop and crashed arround 60 times.After tinkering it with a little bit (Read painful and exhausting research) I narrowed down it to the Optane Memory Issue paired with a faulty windows driver and a buggy NVIDIA driver. Also, the charging port controller was (somehow) throwing interrupt request when on AC and it was conflicting with the Optane’s NVMe IRQ.I reported all this to acer and they kindly agreed to replace my entire motherboard (after 3 more weeks). The entire process consumed 2 months.It’s performing well now. Spending 59K for this laptop was hazardous yet worthy.

  19. Rothin Vijit Shaw

    If you’re under a budget and need a good machine.. this is the right one.Got it for gaming primarily and not disappointed, have used it for 4 days and played games like Tekken 7, Shadow of Mordor, Skyrim, Warframe and Tomb Raider as of now. A steady Frame rate of 60 fps on (med+high) settings (except high vegetation/ multiplayer areas on Warframe).The IPS 60hz display is pretty decent and has good contrasts.Pros1) 4 GB of dedicated VRAM GTX 1050ti – better than its predecessors or any other laptop in the same price range providing 1050(a version older)2) One 8gb DDR4 ram – gives you the option of easy expansion3) Intel Generation 8 i5 -this is as good as the 7700 i74) Good Thermal management combined with Nitro sense – a very good control of the fans, helps in faster temperature regulation5) Sturdy and Good looking design6) Intel Optane – not as great as an SSD, but definitely improved the speed more than your normal HDDCons1) Red lettering on the keyboard is a li’l difficult to read in without the red backlight, the back light can also be a li’l distracting during normal work2) Comes loaded with a LOT of bloatware (but they can be deleted/uninstalled)3) does not come with pr-installed intel rapid store technology(RTS) and very old windows 10 version, this will result in 8-10 hours of windows update4) Only one usb3 port5) SSD would have made this perfect.Over all an amazing buy, for 53K (after all cash-backs and discounts)Happy GamingRothin Shaw

  20. Amazon Customer

    The laptop hard disk and optane memory crashed in 2 months of usage. Not sure if it my bad luck, but product doesn’t inspire confidence.Bought it for Rs61K in a lightening deal. Next day it was available at 57K on other sites.Not a good value for money.

  21. Swapnil

    Verry bad product i ordered it 1st time it is having logged in already by anather account,2nd one is also having same problem and both item’s seal has been already broken both times

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